MAPMASTERY 2015 from artifactuality on Vimeo.


MapMastery is a broadcast mapping design and animation consulting service offered by Artifactuality®, an award-winning creative services boutique.

MapMaster Bob Mickens is an Emmy Award-winning motion graphics artist, and is recognized industrywide
as an authority on broadcast map design, training and implementation. Mickens and Artifactuality Co-Founder, Christine Moh, started MapMastery after he secured a reputation as the map “go-to” guy in NYC network, local, and cable news as well as the “map guy” for numerous film, documentary and web media projects.

MapMastery provides a proven template and training system that generates a smooth and high-efficiency production workflow. This highly customized system, culled from many newsroom environments and real-time hands-on experiences, includes planning and setup of a workflow system that your department is most comfortable with, utilizing VIZ World Maps alone or in combination with VizRT, Digital Globe, Google Earth, After Effects, or other popular mapping and animation software.

MapMastery brings a higher levels of efficiency and creativity to art departments responsible for creating daily
informational broadcast maps, raising on-air maps to their highest potential, and increasing their broadcast production value. Additionally, MapMastery creates, designs and animates custom historical and informational maps for script driven long-form documentaries clients.


Bob Mickens
MapMaster of Artifactuality

Landline: 888.939.8698
P.O. Box 531
Montclair, NJ 07042